Professional Intensive Computer Based Training Program | IT Short Courses | Johor Bahru

We Are One Of The Education Providers Specializing In Computer Software Application & Data Management Training Program.

Upgrading computer skills is vital in an increasingly competitive world. Chances of promotion, and work efficiency are both affected by computer skills. Upgrading your IT skills such can increase possibilities of career change and make current employment easier and more rewarding.

Our training Center short-term course aims at making participants experts in the most widely used SOFTWARE APPLICATION. We welcome participants who interested to learn computer from the very beginning and to master it professionally to Advanced Level. 

Our IT courses are primarily open to adults who desire to upgrade themselves & to keep up with the dynamics of the competitive global market. We are determined to facilitate them to become a better worker in their workplace.

Besides, our IT training courses are also tailor made for Students, SPM / STPM graduates or school leavers, Working Adults & Professional Management Executives to ensure training skills can best suited the demand of Job Market today.

Our mission is to provide training to help fill the existing skills shortages in the IT industry. If you are interested in moving to a new profession, or to enhance your computer skills & knowledge, we offer the right computer training courses to help you can help you achieve your goals. Our courses feature hands-on tasks and real world scenarios. In just a matter of days, you'll be more productive and embrace new technology standards.

The advantages of learning new computer skills include;
- Increasing chances of promotion
- Enhancing adaptability to new technology
- Improving career prospects
- Improving organisational skills
- Making current employment easier and more efficient

Our Training Courses Suitable For:
* Upgrading / Refresh your MS Office Skills in the workforce
* Career Boosting
* Pre U / Matric / College/ University Student which having Sem-Break or Secondary School Leaver who would prepare pursuing courses toward Diploma or Degree courses in University. 

Our computer training course will help you:

• Change career

Our IT training courses are suitable for people with a range of skill levels, abilities, ambitions and ages. 

To start our computer training courses you don't need any formal qualifications or very much experience with computers. Our IT qualifications make you more effective, productive and confident in your workplace and will improve your chances of promotion.

Our computer training courses are designed in such a way that learning becomes fun and simple. 

Each training course has been divided into sections and sub sections that deal with specific topics. Our courses is not only for beginners who want to add on to their computer and software skills but also for those who want to refresh and add on to their existing computer knowledge.

- Module and printed materials for learning
- Interactive and fun learning teaching method
- Step-by-step realistic simulated courses
- Clear explanations, and simulated exercises 

What Are you Waiting For? Wanna....
• Develop your existing career
• Earn more money
• Improve your lifestyle
• Provide more job security for you and your family

After attending course, participant gain high skills to solve problem and automate daily tasks that saves their time and increase productivity.

Courses to suit everyone
- Our courses include all the resources you need to achieve a career in IT

Flexible class schedules
  - We offer very flexible timetables that enable students or current employees to manage their other duties and commitments while studying.